American Dream Nutrition is a company founded on Christian principles and values.  We are committed to stand alone as far as the quality of our products, the exciting new income potential our compensation plan offers, and we especially pride ourselves on our "we care about you" customer service policy.


American Dream's manufacturing -  We have teamed up with several doctors, bio-chemists, formulators and manufacturers to produce our products.  Our manufacturing facilities are FDA regulated and operate under strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Our manufacturers are some of the largest in the world.  We have maintained a long-term manufacturing and business relationship in order to develop world class products that deliver the results that you deserve and enjoy.


Our quality control -  our facilities have full laboratory capabilities to produce our products and provide Micro-Biological Testing, PH Testing, Percentage of Moisture Testing, and Brix Testing, all to provide the optimum in Quality Control and to ensure the absolute highest quality products, period!


Our products - we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, extensive research and unique formulas, American Dream manufactures and distributes safe, effective and innovative products with a perfect blend of science and nature. We incorporate the very latest and most effective science and technology for health and wellness in all of our products.


Through the American Dream Advisory Board, innovators in the fields of health, wellness and nutrition, we develop products with the most advanced ingredient technologies available today.  We invite you to explore the pages of our website and learn a bit more about who we are and what we do.


American Dream Mission Statement - Our mission is to change and improve peoples lives by introducing unique nutritional products that can produce life changing results.  Offering a better way of life through our unmatched and rewarding business opportunity, and, by giving back through our many charitable initiatives.



A lot of companies have ...

  • Good products
  • Good compensation plans
  • Decent leadership ....

But they miss the mark by a mile when it comes to building a solid, lasting Organization of distributors who move products and sponsor new members Into their business on a consistent basis.

Could this be why so many come and go? Sooner or later, the excitement and the newness will wear off - then what do You do?


Here's an example of what sets American Dream apart and what you need to look for in a good company:

  • Leadership that understands our industry
  • Great products that people want
  • A pay plan that offers both short-term and long-term income
  • Training that includes a simple duplicatable "system"
  • Rewards and recognition

You see, the fact is, only 15% of the people who join a network marketing Opportunity get any training at all - and most of it isn't what a new home biz Owner needs to build a profitable and lasting business.


It's "marketing" and "leadership" that makes the real difference. Knowing how to expose your products and opportunity to the masses on a Consistent basis is one of the keys to success that is missing in a lot of the Companies in this industry. That's not the case at ADN.


Knowing how to put money in your pocket right away is another key to Success in our business. You have to move some product and sponsor Some new members as soon as possible in order to make it in this biz.


You also have to know why you're in business and how to improve as a Network marketer - consistently... In order to grow personally and to be able to help your team members grow too.


This is why so many people are making the American Dream Nutrition decision!

> We have great products people WANT...

> We have the comp plan that can help virtually anyone fulfill their dreams ...

> We have the leadership that has already been there, done that and is willing to teach YOU how to do what it takes to become successful ...



> We have the "A.D.N. Marketing System" - a system that every new Member who is serious about getting in, staying in and creating a successful, lasting business can follow, duplicate and count on to help create what they have wanted in a home-based network marketing business.


It includes steps to take immediately that can help you build a profitable business and help get you and your new members on track to becoming a more successful marketer and leader.


ADN also includes the rewards and recognition many people need to stay interested In moving forward with our business.





IMPORTANT:  Invite Your Guests To Our Calls, let us do the presentation for you! Our reps report 9 out of 10 guests they invite join us.


Why Listen to our calls?
American Dream's calls are LIVE Calls, they are short and to the point. You will hear from people who have earned Millions Of Dollars in this industry who are sharing a wealth of information with you and your guests, LIVE.


The following is the Conference and Training call schedule for American Dream, Inc: The number to dial for all calls is: 1-832-225-5240 then enter code number 21265 followed by the # (pound key)


"Live" Daily Overview / Opportunity / Training Calls:

Only 15 minutes long -

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, at:
6 PM (Pacific Time), 9 PM (Eastern Time)


"Live" Weekly Training & Coaching Call
Live Training & Coaching Call with Multi-Million Dollar earners Saturday - 9 AM (Pacific Time), 12 Noon (Eastern Time)


American Dream Nutrition's 24/7 Support Line

Toll Free 1-866-822-5559

Watch for upcoming live workshops and company events.



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