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Scott Sommer, Nutritionist – B.S. Degree
in Nutrition and Masters in T.C. Medicine


94,000,000 Biologically Active

Beta-Glucan Molecules in Every Serving

The Wild Conk™ is considered one of the most powerful weapons in fighting against illness and disease. Today we stand at a crossroads. Exotic viruses and resistant bacteria are threatening our way of life. Governments are issuing warnings of pandemics. Medical treatments are proving to be ineffective. We now have the opportunity to take advantage of the very best of what science and nature has to offer.

The Wild Tawtnuk is grown on certain cone-bearing trees. It contains 94.000,000 biologically active Beta-Glucan molecules in every serving. It contains natural Germanium – an oxygen catalyst and one of the most powerful free radical scavengers found in nature. Wild Conk causes the body to produce a vast number of the specific immune cells needed to make proper use of the antioxidants found in the food you eat, and at the same time it provides a powerful source of antioxidant Germanium.

Be Strong – Support A Healthy Immune System

Powerful Ingredients – Concentrated Organic Essential Oils Blend

1200% Concentrate of Organic Wild Tawtnuk Mushroom

1200% Organic Wild Tawtnuk Mushroom is super concentrated in its bio-available liquid extract form. As a result, its therapeutic benefits increase exponentially. The phytoceuticals of Wild Tawtnuk Mushroom have been widely studied by medical and pharmacological researchers in leading American research colleges and hospitals. Today, after decades of medical and scientific processes, we’ve truly discovered why the chemistry of this remarkable food promotes so many health benefits.

“I am convinced that the Wild Tawtnuk Mushroom plus essential oils formula, will, without a doubt, entirely eclipse every other natural health supplement ever produced.”  
—  Dr. Landis, National Board Certified Naturopath

Black Cumin Essential Oil 

Cold pressed from the organic seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant, Black Cumin has impressive scientific research which shows it to have very beneficial anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Long used as a traditional remedy for colds and viral infections, Black Cumin is a good choice to help fight against illness.
Black Cumin Essential Oil may also help:

  • Strengthen and Stabiliz the Immune System
  • Respiratory Ailments – Inflammation
  • Glandular Swelling – Digestion
  • Blood Pressure – Allergies – Circulation
  • Nervous Exhaustion – Congestion

Lemon Essential Oil 

From the pressed peel of the organic Lemon, this oil can naturally help cleanse the body and aid in digestion. The high vitamin content supports the body’s immune system. Lemon oil can help stimulate white blood cells, increasing your body’s ability to fight diseases, while also improving circulation throughout the body.
Lemon Essential Oil may also help:

  • Digestive Complaints – Concentration and Focus
  • Respiratory Ailments – Arthritis
  • Blood Pressure – Eye Health
  • Urinary Tract Infections – Used As a General Tonic

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

For over five thousand years this true organic Cinnamon Bark has been used as a spice and medicine. It is an immune stimulant and it has been found that viruses, bacteria and fungus cannot live in this oil. It contains powerful antioxidant capacity and anti-microbial benefits. Cinnamon bark is a powerful purifier, and enhances the action, and activity of other oils it is blended with.
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil may also help:

  • Flu – Intestinal Parasites – Immune Support
  • Stimulate Memory Retention – Circulation
  • Inflammation – Digestive Complains
  • Increase Energy

Peppermint Bark Essential Oil

This organic first distilled peppermint oil may help increase circulation, open the sensory system, fight bacteria, inflammation, varicose veins, swelling, and more. It can promote hair growth as well as help balance pH levels. It has also been reported that Peppermint directly affects the brain’s center, which triggers a sensation of fullness after a meal.
Peppermint Essential Oil may also help:

  • Colic – Jet Lag – Flu
  • Digestion – Itchy Skin – Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Circulation – Palpitations – Respiratory System
  • Inflammation – Female problems – Throat Health

Frankincense Bark Essential Oil

Frankincense has been used for centuries as a general health tonic.
Frankincense Essential Oil may also help:

  • Powerful Immune Builder – Flu – Urinary Track Support
  • Beneficial for Inflammation – Congestion – Lung Support
  • Colds – Coughs – Fevers – Detoxifier
  • Infections – Circulation – Heart Health

Wild Conk™ 4000% Immune
Boost Statement

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Immune Boosting
Beta-Glucan Science 

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Wild Conk™ Organic Ingredients

Concentrated Organic Essential Oils:

  • 1200% Concentrate of Organic Wild Tawtnuk Mushroom
  • Organic Black Cumin Essential Oil
  • Organic Lemon Essential Oil
  • Organic Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Organic Wild Frankincense Essential Oil Hawthorne

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"Thank you American Dream Nutrition...

I feel ten years younger. All of the ADN products are amazing." I can't believe the lives we're changing, what a blessing -- Ken B., California



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Shari B

"Stem Cell Release Factor®"

"Stem Cell Release Factor is by far, my most favorite product! Having survived two major accidents, numerous broken bones, severe brain injury, and been fully dependent on my family for care, I can honestly say that what the body can recover from when enough stem cells are released, is nothing short of miraculous!"

--- Shari B., Washington

Vince C

"Clear Heart®"

"After using Clear Heart, exercising and changing my diet, at my last check up my Cardiologist told me my blood levels were that of a 20 year old. Thank you American Dream for these products."

--- Vince C., Tennessee

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"Over 60 Lbs GONE! By using the KETO FAT BURNER my wife and I have lost a combined 98 pounds. We feel so much better, our over all health has improved dramatically. Thank you American Dream Nutrition for these amazing products that truly make a difference."

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"It was difficult to chose just one ADN product to write a testimony on, but I am going with “Get Juiced” due to the high maintained levels of energy it provides me, as well as the overall feeling of being healthy!!"

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"As an avid hiker, I was developing tremendous discomfort in my feet, I started using PhytoZon and Stem Cell Release and within a few weeks I was back on the trails again, with NO discomfort. Thank you American Dream Nutrition!" --- Warren C., California

"I had extensive surgery which left me in constant pain from nerve damage. Today, I take both PhytoZon and Stem Cell Release Factor and I feel great, I have more energy, I have better mobility in my neck and shoulders. I have my quality of life back!" --- Pamela C., California


"Wild Conk®"

"We've been taking Wild Conk for years. We've seen much younger friends struggle to stay healthy, while we keep on keeping on. My husband is 15 years younger than I am, he's always saying "I can't keep up with you." Thank you American Dream Nutrition...

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"Stem Cell Release Factor"

"I had struggled with walking any significant distance while recovering from a procedure. Stem Cell Release Factor changed everything. I feel more strength, energy, stamina, and new endurance with my walking and other activities. We're changing lives with these products!"

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"Stem Cell Release Factor" & "Wild Conk"

"For me, with Stem Cell Release Factor and Wild Conk I noticed improved circulation within days. No more numbness in my hands and arms and no need for daily ibuprofen for neck and back pain from truck driving 21 years 600 miles a day."

--- Jonah H., Mississippi

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"Stem Cell Release Factor"

"Our Stem Cell Release Factor product is quite something. Personally, I have seen great results related to my shoulder, as well as more energy in general. Thank you, ADN, for this amazing product. I highly recommend it." --- Ron S., Washington

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I use all the products... These products
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"I suffered a terrible farm accident when I was young and then later I was in a bad car wreck, my body was a mess. I use the "PhytoZon", the "Stem Cell Release Factor", the "Get Juiced", the "PureAquaMins", the "Clear Heart" and the "Wild Conk" products every day. The ADN products have changed my life.. I'm over 70 now and I feel 45 again! Thank you American Dream for giving me a much better quality of life!" These products have changed my life!"

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"Stem Cell Release Factor®"

"Science has proven that our own stem cells have the ability to repair and rejuvenate every tissue in our body: our heart, joints, organs, brain, skin, and bones. After an injury, I ended up with a hairline fracture on the lumbar area. I am happy and excited to say that after taking The Stem Cell Release Factor I feel healthier and younger, and have returned to my daily 3 miles walk."

--- Delpha H., Florida

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"Stem Cell Release Factor®"

"For years I've suffered with the ability to swallow food. I have undergone several unpleasant, expensive "procedures" which helped temporarily. After taking Stem Cell Release Factor for a couple months I have been astonished to notice an ability to swallow normally when I eat. This is a blessing beyond my wildest hopes. These amazing products that truly make a difference."

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"Pure Aqua Mins®"

I love the Pure Aqua Mins product! It purifies my water, enriches my body with essential trace minerals. I feel great, refreshed and energized. I recommend using Pure Aqua Mins.

--- Jeremy I., Oregon

Bill A

"Super Omegas 3 + 6 + 9"

"I love the Super Omegas 3 + 6 + 9 as they keep the brain and body healthy! Our brains are made of fats which have to these omegas in the right amounts for proper brain function. This is especially important as we age. This is a great product!

--- Bill A., Colorado

Judy S

"Get Juiced™"

"I found that Get Juiced helps me get all the nutrients my body needs on a daily basis! I really enjoy the dramatic impact on my memory, focus, retention, energy and fighting against mental fatigue. Every cell in my body needs every nutrient, Get Juiced is the choice for me! "

--- Judy S., Washington

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"Wild Conk®"

"My favorite product is the Wild Conk. I have noticed several improvements since using this amazing product. I feel energized, improved memory and recall, I'm less stressed out and I've not been sick. I even feel years younger since using this product. Thank you American Dream!"

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"Thank you for giving my life back. Before PhytoZon I was always in pain and terribly uncomfortable all the time. Since I started using PhytoZon my health has never been better. I sleep better, I exercise more, I eat better, wow, my life is better! Thank you American Dream!"

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"Because of a specific type of brain injury, I gained a lot of weight. Having tried many "diets", I was really skeptical of the Keto Fat Burner, but it took less than a week to start seeing results! I went from 183 lbs to 148 in 5 months and felt better than I had in years. From a size 14 to a size 7 and I went shopping! This product works!

--- Shari B., Washington

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